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Influencer + Podcaster

Inspiring and Empowering 

women to rise to the next level.

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I'm Etinosa

Hey Y'all, I'm Etinosa! I'm a lifestyle influencer who loves sharing everything that I use to enhance my life; from random finds on tik tok, cute outfits or things that elevate my quality of life. I don't want to keep all the secrets to myself so I'm more than happy to share with y'all

Rise to the Next Level

As a 20- Something trying to navigate life and figure out what exactly I want to do next, I'm always on the quest to take my life to the next level until I've reached my goals and accomplished my dreams. I'm dedicated to taking y'all on this journey with me and I hope it helps y'all figure out what your next level is.

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Hilarious, Relatable, & Genuine

These girls are so funny and their content is extremely relevant! I love listening to them and always feel like I'm right there in the convo! Love them!

- MalenaSings

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So Tell Me Why:

The Podcast

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