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So Tell Me Why...

The Podcast


 Something unbelievably ridiculous just happened to you, who’s the first person that you want to call? Your best friend! Imagine this very moment and that conversation as a podcast! 


We’d like to introduce you to the So, Tell Me Why podcast! We’re, two best friends doing our best  to navigate through adult life as young, dream-filled, millennials. We knew that adulting would be  complicated, but why didn’t anyone warn us about how hard it is? Though living apart has been  difficult, this podcast allows us to catch up, just like old times,. We get to engage with each other  and discuss moments that frustrate us, make us laugh, cry, and all of the above.


So tell Me Why,

I Got To stop

Working this 9-5

So Tell Me Why,

We're Tired

So tell Me Why,

My Friend

Is Famous

So tell Me Why,

We Bee Di Ba Do

Glewed Up

So tell Me Why,

We Got 

6 Inch Heels

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S3 E11

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I've been listening to this podcast for a while now. I love it! It helps me get thru my workday in a good mood. They keep me laughing and I love the topics they discuss. I also like the laid back setting, it makes me feel apart of the conversation. This needs to blow up!!!!

- Karen Monica

I'm surprised this podcast hasn't blown up by now, these girls are the highlight of my morning drives to & from work especially now with the pandemic going on. Being an essential worker can sometimes be draining but this podcast always brings laughter to my day.

- baridoll


This show is so funny! Listen when you're taking a walk, riding the train, trying to ignore coworkers. Doesn't matter! You will love it. Their commentary is hnestly so hilarious while insightful.

- open3454444343

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