Etinosa O.

Creator and Operator

I'm beyond thrilled that you came and visited my blog. THANK YOU! It's becasue of people like you that I continue to do what I do. I'll dive right into my introduction.


Born in St. Louis and raised by Nigerian parents I was immersed in very rich cultures. It helped me develop the two passions that I have in life.My passion for fashion and shopping, and my passion for seeing and helping people realize their potential and reaching new heights. We are all trying to succed and why not have a personal cheerleader to root for you!




I started this blog in August of 2014 primarily for it to be a fashion blog but I started to realize that I needed this blog to be something bigger than just me, I wanted it to be something that people could relate to and use in their daily life. I'm here to provide suggestions and give advice to encourage everyone to take the necessary steps to ENHANCE themselves to become the best version of themselves, so they can reach new levels.



We are all on a journey to become better people why not do it together here on ENHANCE!






ENHANCE| to magnify | to intensify | to rise to a higher degree


ENHANCE was launched in 2014 as a blog to help people reach the next level in all aspects of their life. Fashion and Lifestyle topics are what is ENHANCE is all about. How to put yourself together and advice on the trial of tribulations of a 20- something year old. Positivity and authenticity is the name of the game. With the power of positive thinking you can create the life you've imagined for yourself. Being original keeps you humbled and down to earth. Take a minute,read some posts even get you cup of juice and I hope ENHANCE can provide a necessary space to take yourself to the next level.

My name is Etinosa Ogbevoen. I started blogging 5 years ago out of the blue. I started with my friend and then decided to branch off and start ENHANCE. I have always had a love of writing and throughout college I got into fashion and telling the stories of my life and spreading positivity.


Many people have asked how I came up with the name of my blog. It took awhile to find exactly what I wanted to call it because I didn't want to just name it after me but that's kinda of what happened. Like I said my name is Etinosa, many of my friends call me ETI and then I decided to make ETI into an acronym. Enhance The Individual. Wa-Lah!!! 




Thanks so much for coming onto ENHANCE and learning more about me. I hope that ENHANCE inspires, motivates, and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. 

We are all on a journey to become better people why not do it together here on ENHANCE!