• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

What is Ankara?

According to Africanstoreclothes.com Ankara "vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs. They have become extremely popular over time and were initially worn as every day casual outfits customized to suit the designs of the person wearing it."

I think ankara is extremely versitile the cloth is still very prevalent in casual clothing and people have gotten more and more creative with how they use it.

The prints that ankara come in fit anyone's sense of style weather you like loud and flashy colors, to more neutral and cool hues. Ankara has it all. The best part about ankara is that you can make whatever type of clothing that you want ( that is if you know how to sew)

Since joining the African Student Association at my school I have tried to incorporate ankara into my personal style whether it be in a turban or an actual dress. I'm still working on getting it into my wardrobe.

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