• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Flawless Face

So I just posted my bare face on instagram today!!!! I was a little nervous about it but I wanted to showcase my skin and how Clinque has helped so much these pat couple of months. I'm slowly transitioning all my face products to Clinque becasue it is literally the best thing that has happened to my face. In the picture these are are the products I use daily

From the Left:

Liquid facial Soap: The facial soap is not very sudsy and it but feels nice and tingly on your face. I usually wet my face with warm to hot water, wash my face with the soap and then rinse off with cold water.

Clarifying Lotion: This is supposed to get all the dirt out of your face. It stings slightly but one can see the dirt if wipes off which is nice. Clinque has four different clarifying lotions depending on your type of skin. I have oily skin so I use #3. It works GREAT!!!! ;)

Even Better Clinical dark spot corrector: Immediatly after I use the the Clarifying Lotion I use the dark spot corrector on any area that is a discolored or that I want to fade away. You don't need to use a lot of this product becasue it goes a LONG way!!

Take the Day Off: This is my new FAVORITE makeup remover. Its oil based and gets that stubborn eyeliner off with a breeze.

Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion: Clinque has two different types of Facial lotions. They have a Gel that has very little lotion for people with oily sking butfor me personally I thiught it dried out my skin so I switched to the lotion that is a bit thicker and I love how itfeels when I use it after everything.

In order to see results with these products you HAVE to use it twice a day, which can get annoying at times but I'm telling you it's worth it!!!!


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