• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Spotlight | The MouthingOff Blog

It is my honor to bring to you a good friend of mine who's determination and perserverence with her brand is going to get to so many high places.

This is Brianna Arps founder, owner, and Operater of The Mouthing Off Blog. She's a St. Louis native who loves to speak her mind. Shes goes to the University of Missouri and is a journalism major with an emphasis in magazine writing, which makes perfect sense on why she has a blog.

Arps started her blog in March 2014 with the goal of reaching out to aspiring individuals who are stylistically and socially aware. The Mouthing Off Blog serves as a platform for "self-identification + empowerment by supplying relevant articles + advice." With this Briana has been given multiple opportunities to meet with people who not only inspire her but are role models to our generation. She has a dream of going to New York and working with some of those people who have offered her unimaginable chances!

As you can see in the ablove picture there is a Perfume bottle and Miss Arps came up with this concept becasue she believes " Like a Fine fragrance lingers on the body, I hope The MouthingOff Blog leaves a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of our readers." The dedication to her brand is impress and for a limited time she having a fundraisier with her logo on shirts so that she can follow her dreams of going to New York and becoming what she has always envisoned! Help fund her by buying a shirt at www.booster.com/themothingoffblog

Whenever you have the time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and visit her website http://www.themouthingoffblog.com and follow her instagram pages @misskiss_ and @mothingoffblog

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