• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

What She Wore | Getting Ice Cream

I was throughly inspired by Lauren Y. thrifted outfits and decided to do some thrifting of my own. So I drove myself to Goodwill and stumbled upon this patterned men's shortsleeve button down. Yes I said Men's.

Although it is a Men's shirt I added my feminie touch by adding a skirt to it. Not only that but asyou can see I also rolled up the sleeves so that it had a little bit more detail. The only down side to this top is that it's not fitted around my waist so if i wasn't tucked in it would just hang on me and that's no fun. But getting it fitted it a very easy fix with a sewing machine.

So all in all the entire out( just the shirt and skirt) was about $20: the shirt was three and the skirt was $17 from Forever 21.


Don't be discouraged if the clothes you thrifted don't fit exactly to your body there are ways to wear them to make them your own.

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