• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Fashion Find | Nudist Heels

I'm in love with my new white nudist heels that i bought from Agaci for only $21!!! and that's with shipping. I don't know why I didn't get these earlier in my life. They are literally the perfect heel for every event during the spring and summer. Personally I love the color white it's a very clean and fresh color that goes with a lot of things. Here I'm wearing a red pencil skirt but you can pair them up with some casual jeans, a romper, even some shorts. I love how they add some class to any outfit that you're wearing. I haven't worn them out and about yet but the little that I have walked in them they seemed pretty comfy. But only time will tell if they are actually comfortable.

This was my first time ordering off Agaci and I have to say I really like the shoes that they have on their website. Their items are reasonably priced and they have a great variety of things to choose from. i'm definitely going to go back and order the black pair of these!!

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