• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

I love me some white

It's the second day of September,the second day of the unofficial end of the summer. We've all heard that your not supposed to wear white after Labor Day for some unknown reason that the majority of us use to say why we don't wear white. Well I did some investigating on the story behind people not wearing white and this is what I found.

So back in the 1800's rich women decided that they needed to differentiate themselves from the rest of the community and so they came together and created all these fashion rules that only they knew and so anyone who didn't know these rules could be easily spotted as a lower social- economic status.

I'm so happy we live in the 21st century where these absurd rules don't apply becasue I love wearing white. It's such a clean, crisp, fresh color. I refuse to follow this No White after Labor day rule!! The worst part about the rule is that many store will stop carrying a lot of white items becasue of the rich women of the 1800's

Outfit Details

Necklace: Aldo

Tank: Express

Pants: Oldnavy

Flats: Marshall's

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