• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Rocking the Fro + Outfit Details

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go out with some of my girlies to the movies and watch the new film Addicted. The movie was pretty good not as predictable as some people were saying. I would advise people to actually go out and see it. But back to my outfit.

I wanted my outfit to be casual but a bit dressy becasue it was a friday night and I had nothing better to do. So lets start with the jacket. It's a grey wrap around jacket that I got from Pac Sun. it has black side panels that you cant really see in the picture. I added a white shirt to it so that I could wear my grey pants to achieve a monochrome look without being over the top. I threw on my black combat boots that I ordered from Amazon.com and to complete the entire look I wore a floral statement necklae that I got from JasmineDiane.com/shop it's absolutely perfect with this outfit.

Let's not forget about my FRO!!! Probably the best thing about this entire outfit. Haven't worn fro out in a while becasue I feel like it never wants to behave but that day my hair was on its best behavior and it looked absolutely perfect. I'm learning to wear it more often but I'm going to straighten it soon. so I'm excited for y'all to see that!!!

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