• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Holiday Edition Outfit #3

The last holiday outfit before Christmas!! Some times Missouri likes to act up and be 70 degrees so I like to imagine myself celebrating Christmas somewhere warm. So this outfit is inspired by the warm weather.

It's a very simple outfit incorporatin black and blue.

I got the ank from Nordstrom Rack on sale and it was only $12. It has small metal chains hanging from the bottom and right above it, it has some really cute detailing which makes it look a little dressy.

The jeans that I'm wearing are Luvky Brand jeans. I found out that this is the best brand for me. They fit perfectly everytime that I get a pair. But the best part about these designer jeans is that they were only $30 at Marshalls. It's always a hit or miss there but when you find something perfectly you can not pass it up.

The heels are my favorite part of this outfit becasue one I bought them at Macy's for $20 and the are edgy with the pointy silver studs on the back of them. They are the perfect accessory to bring the entire outfit together.

I hope you liked My Holiday Outfits. if you have questions just shoot me an email and I can tell you anything you want to know!!

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