• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Street Style Inspired

One of my obessions is street style. I look on blogs and instagram on the daily idealizing other people's style. London Fashion week was the funniest time to look at street style. Everyone had the most unique pieces. All of them were one of a kind which was the best part. It was great to see how they expressed themselves.

Street Style is one of those categories where I feel like you can just be yourself and anything goes. Style is all about being yourself and expressing who you are as person through your clothes.

One tip that I would give people when dressing themselves is that not all the trends are going to fit you the way you see it on the models. You have to learn to make it your own. Be confident in who you are and do not let anyone tell you that what you should wear.


This by far is probably my favorite outfit. I love every single thing about it!

So I'm sure you guys have figured out that Goodwill and I are like best friends. This Asian themed coat was bought there for only $3 dollars. Crazy! RIGHT?!?!? it's made out of, I'm convinced , comforter material. It is super warm. Right now it's super big and that's why I'm hugging myself, but I'm going to get it tailored to fit me better.

My stone wash jeans are the greatest thing that's ever happened. I'm so happy my friend convinced me to get these. They were only $20 at H&M and they add so much dimension to an outfit. I love how they look like acid wash jeans from back in the day.

And last but not least are my newest pair of heels. My metallic heels from DSW. I love them so much. They went so well with this outfit. At first I was nervous about wearing them but the coat has some sparkle to it and the heels made it really pop out.

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