• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

2015, I can't believe it's here!


I'm so excited that the New Year is finally here. 2014 was a year for tremendous growth and really finding what I have a passion for. I learned a lot of hard lessons and I'm truly thankful for them now as I enter 2015. I thought about creating a New Years resolution but instead I thought it would be better to adopt some great principles I learned from 2014 and enhance them for 2015. Every year is about improving from the previous year. I'm detremined that this is going to be the greatest year! There are so many things that I want to accomplish this year but there are a few basic necessities to ensure that 2015 is your best year EVER!

Personal Journey

1) Be Kind to yourself | We are our biggest critics. Take it easy on yourself. You've worked, or are still working hard to be the best version of yourself so applaud yourself for taking those steps towards the right direction.

2) Find out who you truly are | I think the hardest thing is staying true to yourself especially when you don't even know who you are. Take the time to really understand what it means to be you.

3) Make Goals and stick to them | Probably the best thing that I learned in 2014. You have to hold yourself accountable for things. If you want to succeed it's all up to you. Making goals puts things in perspective and once you reach them it's crazy how amazing you feel.


1) Learn to find happiness by yourself | I learned this from my roommate; You can accomplish so much and find true happiness when you are by yourself. You learn your likes and dislikes and whenever you come across someone special they just add to your happiness that you created for yourself.

2) Be Open and Honest | Honesty is really the best policy. Why not be open with your significant other. In order to go together there has to be trust and by choosing not to be honest creates a divide. In order to be close to the heart you have to be completely honest.

3) Don't be afraid to be Vulnerable |This is probably one of the scariest things that you'll ever do. When someone wants to care for you and genuinely wants the best for you, it's easy to push them away becasue we are so used to caring for ourselves. Be vulnerable, it's a great feeling when you don't always have to be so guarded.

Future Success

1) Find what YOU love | Finding a pasion is not going to happen over night and everyone's is different. It takes time and it takes trying new things to find out what really gets you going. Don't be worried if you haven't found your passion we all find it at different times and when we do it's amazing the things we accomplish because of all the energy we put into to.

2) Be Diligent and Persistent |It's really easy to quit things. But trust me you will regret it. It sucks when people turn you down but they are missing out on what you have to offer. We need those turn downs to help push us forward. Sometimes you have to force your foot in the door and when they see your effort they'll be so glad that they gave you a chance.

3) Don't EVER give up | You'll never get anywhere if you give up. Don't lose faith in what you do. It's faith and believing in yourself that is going to get you to where you want to be.

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