• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Fresh Face Friday: Face Wash

Thank goodnes it's finally Friday!! Woke up this morning feeling a little groggy and looking a little rough since I had to wake up at 5 am! Luckily for me I've been using Clinique which helps me wake up in the morning.

It's pretty common for people's skin to get dry in the winter and it's always a struggle trying to find the right products that don't strip away all the oil from your skin and make you feel like you need to smother your face with lotion. Personally, in the winter my skin needs all the moisture it can get. My nose and cheeks are very sensitive and if they become too dry they start to peel which is not the best look for me.

Clinique is a great line that caters all different skin types. Since my face is a little bit dry I use the liquid facial soap that comes in mild. I want it to clean my skin but not take all my oils off while doing so. I really like this facial cleanser because I can feel it working. It has a tingling sensation when you use it, so it's perfect for the morning when you're trying to get up. In the morning I just wet my face with warm water to open my pores put a nickel size amount on my hand and spread it over my face. Then I dampen the brush turn it on and use it all over my face. It's that simple.

I started using Clinique last year and noticed that my skin was really soft and even. I used to have a lot of small bumps on my skin and now the majority of them are gone.

If you haven't tried Cinique I would highly recommend it. they have a lot products so it's a good idea to ask the ladies there becasue they know what they are talking about.

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