• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Style Tip | Chic Black and White

Style tip of the week. The Black and White stripped shirt.

The shirt is simple and to the point but it can be so dynamic. You'll here a lot of people say that stripes make you look wide but I have to disagree with them. It really depends on the stripes you decide to wear. I particularly like wearing thin stripes.

So here's how I rock my stripes.

Becasue people have the misconception that stripes make you wide, adding high waisted jeans distract from the "wideness" and make your legs look really long and sexy. They cut into your waist to give you a nice shape and a good looking booty.

Jeans are not the only thing you can add to this outfit to add some personality. An overcoat is also a great additon. We all want to stay warm but hate wearing those ugly coats. But overcoats are chic and sophisticated. It is something that one should really invest in.