• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Tuesday Tutorial || Head Wrap

If you're like me Pinterest is on the same playing field as Google. I literally use the Pinterest search tool to due my research. (just kidding). But I do pin a lot, (make sure you follow the ENHANCE board). which means I stumble upon a lot of cool tricks and tips that help and inspire some of the things that I wear and accessorize. The other day I found a a mini head wrap DIY and tried it out and loved the way it turned out, but it took me a couple of tries since the directions weren't very clear.

So Below I took upon myself to recreate a clear step by step tutorial on how to get the perfect head wrap.


1. I used a regular scarf that had no tassels on the ends becasue they get in the way. Also I put my hair in a poof on top of my head as my foundation for the wrap.

2. Placed the Scarf on the back of my neck and brought it forward.

3. Held both the ends in my hand close to my forehead

4. Crossed the two ends over each other so they are overlapping.

5. Wrapped the ends across my forehead and towards the back of my head closer to my neck

6. Again I crossed the ends so they overlapped each in the back and brought them back to the front.

7.Overlapped the end once again in the front, higher up on my poof.

8. Brought those ends towards the end one more time and finally tied it into a know in

the back.

9. Adjusted it so it covered my ears and pushed it back off my forehead.

Head wraps are great way to look shic and stylish even when you're hair is a hot mess. If you have differnt colored scarves you can mix and match them with you outfits when you're going out or just lounging around. Here is my finished look with my makeup done.