• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

10 Things I learned in College ... so far

College has and is currently one of the best times of my life. In the past 3 and half years here at this great University of have met some amazing people and I have done things I never thought that I would do. Going away to college opened my eyes to so many things and I've learned a lot. I listed the most important things that I learned thus far.

1 | You will meet life long friends

It's amazing that some of the people that you met freshman year that live on your same floor end up being the people that you you grow closet to. You all might have different majors and be interested in different things but the fact that you jsut live close together creates a bond that can last through all four years and you get to a point you can't see your life without talking to them.

2| College is definitely more difficult than high school

I learned this lesson after the second week of being a freshman. I thought I was going to be ready for college lasses but college was in whole new ball park. It takes some time getting used to being a college student but once you et the hang of it there is no stopping you.

3| Living with roommates can get tough

Everyone you meet comes from different backgrounds and different family structures so when you're living with roommates you have to find a balance between all of you or else friendships will crumble. My advice for you is sit down with your roommates and talk about expectations and come up with ways to find a happy median. Don't let living with your friends ruin your friendships.

4| You can not slack in classes

There are 16 weeks in each semester and you have to work hard every week or you'll fall behind, Make up a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It's easier to stay ahead then to be trying to catch up in classes. The professors wait for no one.

5| College is a place to find yourself

You will get to a point in college where you have to decided what you want to do in life and who you want to be. For many students those are two very daunting questions to ask yourself but you have to face reality and really do some reflecting. For me personally I hit rock bottom my sophomore year and I need that to wake me up and take the time to understand who I am as a person and where i see myself going. don't get caught up with a certain image be yourself becasue you won't be in college forever.

6| Organizations are the best

if it wasn't for the organizations that I joined I wouldn't have met so many AWESOME people. organizations can be social, professional or service oriented and all of then enhance skills that you'll need later in life. So join lot at the beginning and then narrow it down to the ones you really enjoy and that will help you later in life.

7| Don't get too caught up with boys

Boys are great and they are fun to be around and some people find their life partners in college. Just remeber why you came to college, for an education. Michelle Obama said that there is no boy cute enought for you not to get an education. Make sure you have your priorities straight and the right guy will come along and push you to be biggger and better.

8| Your perspective will be challenged

I think this is one of the best and worst things about college becasue you meet so many different people someone is bound to have a completely differnt point of view and it will make you think about the way you think about things and it could confuse you or it could make you more sure with your opinion. In either case it will open your mind so how others see the world.

9| Your fashion sense changes

This has to be the biggest thing I've learned. What you wear reflects who you are and honestly that's the first thing people see. Take the time to buy clothes that are good quality and that you can wear nultiple time. Find fashion inspirations and make it you own. You'll thank yourself later.

10| Not everyone has it all together

Don't stress if you have no idea what you want to do after you graduate. We are still young and there are so many things that we can do. If you decide to go to grad school or take a year off to figure things out don't be discouraged. Things will fall in place. Keep pursuing your dreams even if that means taking baby steps. Don't be stagnant.