• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

What's your Definition of Happiness

Happiness is a relative term that has always been a discussion starter becasue just like the concept of love it has many definitons and not one can be applied to everyone. Happiness is something that is found within and something that radiates from the inside out and truly makes you accept who you are as a individual.

There are different stages when it comes to defining and finding your own happiness. It definitely is a journey that has many up and downs. I'll let you in on how I was able to fing my happiness.

My Story

In a world where your outward appearance is the first thing people notice about you it is hard for any young women to accept that fact that she is not only beautiful but confident and independent in her own skin. Four years ago when I began my college career I had a false confidence I was always kept in a bubble and my validation came from the people closet to me who knew me for me. But college was a entirely different situation. I resorted to being shy and hiding behind others becasue I didn't know who I was a person and what I stood for. As the years went by and I had my trials and tribulations, every experience made me stronger, wiser and more confident in not only myself but my ability to be successful in anything and everything that I pursued.

In a world that see appearance as a priority I can say that I am more than just a pretty smile or my dark chocolate skin or my natural hair. I accept all those qualities about myself but I know that my ability to overcome obstacles and to be a great leader is what makes me stand out from the rest. It wasn't until I started accepting who I was and seeing my potential that I knew what it meant to be happy. My happiness comes from me, myself and I and know one can take that away from me.

What is your definition of HAPPINESS? Have you found it or are you still in the process of creating your own happiness.

Happiness is a personal journey. No one can tell you how to reach your happiness and no one can be your happiness. It's personal decision to foster the happiness that is within just waiting to flourish.

One thing that I have learned from finding my happiness is that people will see a difference and you will start to notice the negativity in your life that no longer has a place. Take the time to think about who you surround yourself with and if the negativity is going to impede on your happiness. There is no reason to be brought down by anyone or anything that doesn't want to see you happy.

You DESERVE to be happy. You just have to define and find your own happiness!