• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

5 Girls went on Spring Break together...

As we have all known since the age of 5 when we first started school spring break was that one week in the school year where you got a much needed break to clear your mind, relax and just enjoy the time away from school. As you get older and you increase your education that one week break becomes the most sacred week and you and your friends make plans to have the most fun ever because the second the week is over reality and school is going to run all over you.

So here's my story about my last spring break, of my college career. In my friend group there are 5 of us and we have all known each other since freshman year of college. So we have definitely had our ups and our downs but through it all we survived and all remained friends till senior. To your surprise the 5 of us rarely did much together as an entire group. Usually one or two people were missing for whatever reason. So this year we decided we had to go on spring break together.

Being the planner and mom that I am I took upon myself to get the ball rolling on our Spring Break plans. After we decided we were going to go to Atlanta I went on Hotels.com and found a 4 star hotel that was in downtown Atlanta close to all the main attractions that the city has to offer.

Day 1 | So spring break comes and we jump in the car at 4 am so that we can start the festivities right when we get there. The drive was great. Seeing all new parts of Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee got us pumped for Atlanta. Well it's usually 10 hour drive from Missouri but because Atlanta just loves to have traffic it added an extra TWO hours to our trip. We got to the hotel and went to our room and it wasn't before long that we started seeing ants in our bathroom, on the desks and then in the bed. Minutes after we got there we made a run to Walmart to get drinks and stopped by Ulta to get things we forgot. When we were checking out in Ulta one of my friends saw a man fall face first into the ground. I went straight into emergency mode and bolted outside to see what I needed to do. Luckily within seconds the man came around and we had already called 911. He literally had no idea that he fell. It was a very scary moment for all of us. Especially for us who had never seen anything like that happen before. We were so glad that he was okay when we left. We picked up some drinks and got ready to go out for the night.

Day 2 | The hotel was nice enough to switch us to a new room which was a lot cleaner and it seemed bigger. Unfortunately in Atlanta fog and rain decided it want to ruin or Saturaday but luckily we were up for going to the mall. Lenox mall was so huge and it had a great selection of stores, like Zara, TopShop and Aldo. I may have gone a little crazy with my purchases, but when else was I going to be able to shop at ZARA! After we were done at the mall we headed back to the hotel where we chilled before we started getting ready for club #2. Two of the group members decided to be productive so they went down stairs and worked on homework. Maybe an hour later they started texting the 3 of us that they had met some "cute" boys who wanted to meet us and they said they were rappers... so we went down and the first one we met had a mouth full of gold teeth just glistening in our eyes. Of course we were skeptical of them but being the nice/ naive girls we can be we engaged in conversation with them. They invited us to their show they were having and they told us that they had ALL the money. Unfortunately they took an interest in us. After we went out and went to sleep 3 am rolled around and these rappers started banging on our door. of course we didn't answer but it was consistent for 2 hours. Then they had the audacity to call our room. I immediately called security but that didn't stop them they came back a couple minutes late. Personally I was scared to leave my room. Luckily they checked out the next morning.

Day 3 | Easter Sunday. After a late night out going to church was an up in the air idea. But nonetheless it was the day things blew up. Two of us decided to go to church impromptu because we were awake and the other 3 were still sound asleep. Not thinking we didn't wake them up because we didn't want to wake them. But to our surprise they were pissed at us. We were told one started crying and then we had to do damage control because we still had two full days in Atlanta and we didn't want the trip to be ruined by a mistake and people being inconsiderate. After talking with everyone the day turned around for the better but of course being in a room together people start to catch attitudes and get annoyed with others.

Day 4 | We did some touristy stuff. I went to the Aquarium by myself . Georgia has the biggest aquarium in the country and I love fish. So I was not even mad that I went by myself. It was great. Of course there were a lot kids running around but lowkey I wanted to run around as well. I got to see jelly fish and I found nemo and I even got to see a dolphin show. There other 4 went to the World of Coca Cola which was right across the the path way. After that I did some exploring on my own and it was the cutest thing ever. We were right across the street from the Olympic Centennial Park. That night we went out to eat at this BBQ place called Fox Bros. It was DELICIOUS!! I had a frito pie for the first time in my life and it was so AMAZING!! I don't know what they put in it but I'm definitely going back for more. I highly recommend Fox Bros if your in Atlanta.

Day 5 | The Last Day. After Sunday the trip went pretty smoothly. I got used to the crazy Atlanta driving and going to and fro from the hotel. We started off at Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site where we read about his impact that he had on the community and the nation. We saw the grave site of him and his wife and we toured Ebenezor Baptist church where his mother was shot and his father preached. We even got to drive by the house where he lived in. After that we drove over to Glady's Knights's Chicken and Waffles. Her restaurant was very cool calm and collected. Chicken and Waffles has to be one of my favorite food right after burgers. It was so scrumptious. Actually I would've liked the waffle to be a little bit fluffier but I ate the whole thing so it was fine. For dinner we ate at Mary Mac's Tea Room. That place was absolutely adorable. It was huge and they had all these different rooms. I got the smothered pork chops and vegetables. I usually don't eat soul food so having it was a delicacy.