• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

9 days till G-day

There is approximately 10 days until I graduate and become a real adult. HELLPPPP!!! The last time I talked about graduation I had 6 weeks and I was most positive things were going to fall into place. I wasn't really panicking about what the 0 job offers that I had. As the weeks went by I was doing a few interviews but ultimately I knew I was going back home to live with my parents and probably work at my high school job until something better came a long. I'm not going to lie that thought alone made me depressed.

I interviewed for this great program called the Missouri College Advising corps which places recent graduates in high school around Missouri and they are the college adviser for that school for a maximum of 2 years. I got the interview and when I say I killed that interview I'm not even exaggerating. I mean I answered those questions like a BOSS. I smiled and joked with them and the best part was that I was able to relate to of the three interviewers on a personable basis. I left that interview like I had easily secured the job. Well a few weeks went back and I heard nothing from them. People at my school were announcing that they accepted a position with the program so I reached out to find out and a couple of days later I found out I didn't receive an offer.

I was devastated. I was at work when I read the email and I was a mess. I mean bawling my eyes out, snot dripping from my face, the works. I was just upset because in the email they said that I was phenomenal but they couldn't find the right "fit" for me. But I was their first pick if someone had to drop for some reason.

Fast forward a month. I got a call 3 days ago from a number I didn't know and usually I don't pick up but it was a local number so I answered and to my surprise it was the executive director of the Missouri College advising Corps calling to say that there was an opening available and they would like to offer me the position. (If you know me you probably can guess how I reacted). I immediately told her yes and after that I tuned out. I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I just excepted my FIRST BIG GIRL JOB!

13 days before graduation. May 2nd 2016. Was the most exciting day of my college career. After long nights of worrying about my future and questioning my capabilities it feels amazing to know that my hard work, optimism and patience didn't go unnoticed by my God. It is because of him all this is happening and I am so thankful. (even though I'm still wondering why he didn't just let me get it the first time. oh well)

It has been a journey and the last 4 years have been a hassle but I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life and see what things I'll be able to accomplish. It feels great to LEVEL UP and ENHANCE in my professional life.