• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Pinterest Success | Tassel Decor

nIf someone were to check the number of times that I'm on Pinterest they would be astonished. I'm literally on the site morning afternoon and night. When I wake up I scroll through Pinterest. I use Pinterest in pretty much all aspects of my life. If I need to spice up my dinners I go on Pinterest. If I need outfit inspiration, I go on Pinterest. If I want to be crafty, you guessed it, Pinterest it is. I have never loved a website so much. Sometimes I use it over searching for things on Google. There's just something that's so satisfyingly addictive about Pinterest. I really thought by now I'd be tired of the website but it's constantly updating with freak images that get my creative juices flowing. This time around I used Pinterest to add some much needed home decor to my new apartment. What I wanted was to have a statement piece that would serve a focal point but wasn't distracting and I stumbled upon this DIY when searching for "blank wall decor ideas". This is what I found.

Picture Via Pinterest

This caught my eyes immediately and I think it was because how girly and rugged it was at the same time. That's a perfect description of who I am. I'm girly and quirky and not everything is always in as organized as is like but for some reason I can keep my life from crumbling into pieces. That's basically what this project means to me. Like I've said many times before I'm sort of impulsive and was determined to get this project started and finished as soon as possible. I couldn't stand looking at that blank wall anymore. So I rushed out on a mission to find a Hobby Lobby that wasn't too far from me. Luckily enough I was in an area that had one so I stopped and grabbed my supplies.

If you follow me on Snapchat (etijo12) I told y'all that this was supposed to be my weekend project. But I couldn't wait. So I got right to it with no directions just a girl and with some eagerness. It wasn't too hard of a project but I did want it to look left so I spent extra time measuring and adding more tassel to complete it to my standards. By 12 am I was done and happy with the results.

I'm so proud of myself for staying up that late to do this project. Lol I really need to get my prioritizes in order. If you haven't jumped on the Pinterest band wagon I highly suggest it because you'd be surprised with all the things you'll find out and what things really inspire you.

Click here for the instructions for the Tassel Wall Decor DIY