• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

KC Update | Month 2

Can you believe that I've only be living in Kansas City for 2 months now. It feels like a lot longer to me. But nonetheless it's only been two months. You know why it feels like so much longer because I think I'm actually starting to get comfortable in KC. This past month I actually stayed in the city for once instead of trying to escape to Columbia or St. Louis. It wasn't as bad as I thought. One weekend I went out to the bars with one of my coworkers. I wouldn't consider myself a bar person because I'm not the biggest drinker but it was cool to see where a lot of young professionals go and hang out and just relax. There are so many bars. We went to 3 different kinds. The first one we went to was a typical bar setting. Music playing softly in the background, people there with their group of friends. That bar sort of made me start to think about how people make friends in a new city, if people go out with their pre-established friends. I asked my coworker that has been living there for over a year and she was just as baffled as me. The next bar we went to had to be my favorite. It's called the Donut Lounge. Apparently, they usually have a DJ on Saturday evenings but this weekend they didn't which was a bummer. It's a super chill bar that has anime playing up on the wall. But that's not even the best part they serve donuts and alcohol in the same place. Like who doesn't love that combination! Of course I opted in for a maple bacon donut. I'm still confused on why people don't LOVE maple bacon donuts. The last bar we went to was a Piano Bar. All the songs that they played from were played on the piano, like Baby Got Back and Pony by Genuwine. It was a fun night.

Remember when I said something about making friends in a new city? Well I think I my have found one. (This may sounds strange.) My best friend loves Instagram and stumbled on this blogger that was based in KC. I followed her because she has a dope Instagram and youtube channel. Weirdly enough a couple weeks later we saw her at the Beyonce concert in St. Louis and then a couple of weeks after the concert we met up and talked. It was so awesome to be able to sit down with someone who thinks like you and understands what you do in your free time. We will most definitely be hanging out again soon. My first new friend in Kansas City!

I really did a lot within this last month. My boyfriend came into town and I like when he comes because I feel like I have to show him around KC. We went to this really cute brunch spot called the Corner Restaurant in Westport. I had been wanting to go there for a while because I heard they serve chicken and waffles and I LOVE chicken and waffles. It was a beautiful day when we went. We strolled through the neighborhood and admired all the old buildings. The neighborhood was adorable and the food was delicious.

I love the weekends in KC because they have been really peaceful and sunny. It gives me time to reflect and relax. Plus I get to wear whatever I want since I'm not working. This past weekend I chose to wear my Flowy Yellow dress that I bought from Old Navy. The best thing about this is that you can dress it up or down. Some ideas that I have are pairing this dress with a camel belt around the waist for an A-line shape and wearing camel strappy heels. I wish my head would fit into hats because a tan oversized hat would be a great addition to this outfit.