• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Bright Smiles + Long Coats

Happy December Y'all. I say "Y'all" like I'm from the south when in reality I reside in the middle of the country, but I picked up from my roommate back in college. Anyway... I can't believe that December is actually here, which means that 2016 is coming to an end. Reflecting I can actually say that 2016 was an amazing year for me. Of course there were the obstacles but overall I can say that it was a really good year for me personally.

I think it started with knowing that this year I'd be graduating from college. I worked really hard and was able to achieve my highest semester GPA and was finally on the dean's list. Then, luckily enough I got offered a job 13 days before I graduated. I was a nominee for the Mizzou Black Women's Rock which was an honor in it's self. After the summer was over I started training for my job and then moved to Kansas City. I was blessed enough to move into a apartment by myself that is close to my job. I basically furnished it myself and have been able to pay my own bills. My relationship with my boyfriend has gotten a lot stronger with the distance and my friendships have solidified now that I'm no longer in college.

ENHANCE is striving at almost 700 followers on instagram and over 100 followers on Facebook. I Started working with Charlotte Russe and Cocotique.

I have had so much to time to think about my future and what comes next but so much has already happened that I can't help but smile! One of my cousin's like to say that I have a Colgate smile!

The holidays are always my favorite time of the year because it just brings family together. I never realized how family oriented I was until I'm not close to my family. They truly mean everything to me. I'm always thinking about them. But the holidays also mean it's time to dress up and look fabulous. Even though you're going to stuff you're face and probably stay in the house, I like put in the effort to dress up and look nice. This year at Thanksgiving I decided to wear my camel long coat. I don't wear it often but when I do you know I'm about to look chic.

I went for a fairly simple color scheme. There are people out there that will tell you not to wear black and brown together. Push them aside and do you boo. I loved this color combination. It's subtle but gives sophisticated feel. I paired my coat with a black robbed turtle neck from Target and high waisted dark wash jeans from Charlotte Russe. Of course no outfit is complete without the right shoes, so I brought out my pointed toe booties from Old Navy. Just like that I had the perfect chic out for Thanksgiving. I will say that after a while the food I consumed and those high waisted were not the best combination. I had a great holiday and I cannot wait until Christmas. I already have an outfit in mind.