• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Finding your "look"

This is just a rant post. Something that comes in and out of mind all the time.

In this day and age we are all trying to find who we are and trying to pt ourselves in a box. To say this is us and our aesthetic. Plain and simple I'm not an aesthetic, I'm not a certain look. I'm me. And some days I want a full face of make up with my eyebrows groomed and trimmed and my skin looking flawless and other days I just want t embrace my naturally dark eyes and my pore filled skin, my un-groomed eyebrows. I took these pictures in the comfort of my own house testing out my new ring light. I wasn't trying to be high fashion or modelesque. I just wanted to capture me in my natural state in my comfort zone, doing what I do. Honestly it was a self care day and I was trying on new items and taking care of myself.

Finding your look is impossible. You already have it. There is nothing that you can do that will change your look. (cosmetic surgery of course)

Your look comes from within and shines from your eyes. After taking these pictures and making them black and white I was so intrigued with myself. To analyze myself and the perfect imperfections that make up who I am was amazing. These pictures remind me of when photographers take those pictures of women in their home country just going about their lives, living. Not trying to be or look like anything, simply existing in the world.

I think the thing I dislike about blogging and taking pictures is that I'm trying to please other people. I'm trying to disguise my imperfections so that you enjoy my aesthetic. I'm definitely not the only one. We watch Youtube to see the latest tips and tricks to make our nose look smaller. We contour our faces so our faces look slim. There's nothing wrong with makeup and trying out new things but why do we want to shape our faces into something it's not. Why aren't we content with leaving the house meeting up with people with a bare face. why are only certain people worthy of a bare face. It's not bare! It has dimples, and bumps, and scars, and wrinkles, and moles, and dark spots and light spots and dips. This is your look. You already have it, embrace it.

I'm not trying to be a hypocrite because I am guilty of watching hours of YouTube videos on how to achieve a look but I'm also not afraid of leaving my makeup at home and facing the world bare face. It's tiring constantly trying to be something that you're not. Trying to create something that isn't natural. Be You. Love You. Embrace You.

when it comes to finding your look. Try everything and anything you want. A lip ring, and nose ring, a new eyebrow shape, and new contour technique, but remember you already have your look, you were born with it, it was God given. Own it, rock it and don't ever let anyone tell you, you need to change.

I'm loving this Neewer Ring Light so far. Check out some of the other pictures I've taken with it. Click the picture to enlarge.