• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Work Life Balance + Social Media

Here's the issue: You work in a pretty serious place. Maybe your in the financial realm, or health care or even in education, like me. And yes you might really enjoy what you do and get along with people in your workplace but sometimes the truth is that they are not getting the entire picture of who you are. You are a complex being that has various different sides and maybe on the weekends or in your "real life" you aren't as put together. Social media has become an outlet essentially for people to showcase different facets of themselves, to showcase a more relaxed side and cultivate creativity that is not always on display in the work space. Now here comes the tricky part how to you navigate being your more relaxed self on social media while making sure it doesn't cross lines in your professional life. Keep reading on to learn how to manage social media professionally and personally.

Keep It Clean

Social media is one of those things that can bite you in the but wayyyyyy down the road. If you are a little bit more extraverted and outgoing in your personal time that does not warrant you to be crazy. There are ways to express yourself without crossing lines. You don't ever want an instance where you do or say something and someone stumbles upon it years later asking what was going on and you don't really want to tell that story.

Be Honest

I'm a blogger and in education I have yet to meet too many other people who have a creative hustle. It is a part of who I am and I love it. I have told my bosses and the students that I supervise what I do and I've even allowed them to follow me. It doesn't affect my ability to do my job well and it doesn't interfere. People have hobbies and it's okay to share it with your professional circle. I'm at the point where I add it to my resume because I've gained a lot of skills being a blogger and influencer.

Think before you post.

I think this is extremely important in anything that has to do with Social Media. If you are a person that can be controversial that's fine just know you might read some consequences. For me I filter things before I post. I'm pretty neutral about my opinions on certain topics because my brand is a platform of positivity and encouragement. Do I sometimes slip up and say or do thing out of line, yes but again It's nothing that I believe that would cause havoc to my career and relationships.

Living your best life should not be something that you hide from the world. Be smart and responsible with what you are sharing on social media. Embrace that you are not always put together and like to let loose from time to time. Also try enjoying the moment without social media at times. It makes the experience 10x better plus you can add some mystery in your life. Creating genuine relationships is important and if you display your entire life on social media people will feel like they already know.