• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

This is your new vintage spot.

There is a market out there for people who are really into vintage. Every time I think of vintage it reminds me of thrifting. So I have never been a fan of thrifting or vintage for the sole fact that I think it takes a lot of work to find pieces that fit my style. Luckily, there are people who take it upon themselves to thrift through vintage clothes on our behalf and pick cute pieces that go with trends that we are seeing today.

I really like the idea of vintage, but something that also discourages me is that many of the clothes from older time periods don't fit my body type. They are usually too tight around my boobs and my things and my waist. I start to think that something is wrong with my body when in reality clothes were just cut and made differently in different time periods.

The other day I was stumbled upon the cutest vintage store in Kansas City, Peaches Vintage Collective. (follow them on instagram @peachesvintagecollective) I have driven past this store multiple times and it caught my eye because there is usually a rack of clothes chilling outside. On this particular day, I had time and whipped my car around to go check out what they had to offer. The worst case scenario is that I hated everything in there and I would never return. But to my pleasant surprise it was the complete opposite. The store was extremely cute and I caught the store owner, Tara, rearranging or and organizing the store for the winter season. I got to talking to her about the store and how she got started and I was fascinated with all of the pieces that she had in her collection. They were all very cute, quirky and stylish which is right up my alley. Not along after talking to her I started to fins pieces that I loved and it turned into a full blown fashion try on. I left there with two pieces that I know I'm going to have in my closet for a while. Tara did an amazing job helping me style them and convincing me that I needed these pieces in my closet.

Check Out how I styled these different pieces in the video below. Make sure you follow me on instagram @enhancetheindividual and on Pinterest for more style inspo!

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