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New Morning Routine with Sambucol Black Elderberry

*paid partnership with Sambucol Black Elderberry

For the past couple of years I have had a love hate relationship with the mornings. For a long time I never understood those people who were able to wake up at the crack of dawn at 5 am or even 3 am and get their day started and be super energized. I was, and am still, somebody who loves their sleep and loves the warmth of my bed. As I have gotten older and figured out what type of lifestyle works for me I have realized the importance of the morning hours and have created a morning routine that I feel gets me ready to take on the day.

My morning routine has been something I've been working on and I think I've finally found the best things that work for me. My alarm, nowadays goes off at 5am and I'm at the gym by 6 am. If I'm feeling lazy and depending on when my first meeting is, I'll go to gym at 7am. I'm usually home by 8am and then I take Hero out for a walk. After that I take a shower and get dressed for the day.

The game changer for my morning routine has been scheduling exercise in the mornings and adding Sambucol Black Elderberry to my wellness routine. I had heard things about the benefits of Black Elderberry but never really gave it a chance until recently. I'm sure you're wondering, " Why would you want to take Black Elderberry?" Well I'm glad you asked. Black Elderberries are filled with a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins, such as A,B, and C, that may help support your immune system. I don't know about you but I'm all about improving my immune system and adding extra vitamins to my body. What I like most about Sambucol Black Elderberry is that it comes in a variety of different methods to take it, such as in a dissolving tablet, gummies, a powder and syrup form. I personally really enjoy the Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup because I can add it into my tea that I drink in the morning. It's the last step in my morning routine before I have to tackle the work day. Going into work I feel at peace and better about myself knowing I was able to add an immune support supplement, exercise, health and wellness into my morning routine.

Products are gluten free, low carb and high in antioxidants, some with added Zinc and Vitamin C. Learn more about Sambucol and our products at:

If you haven't had the chance to try the Sambucol Black Elderberry line, think of this as your sign to grab some. You can find it in Target, CVS, Randall's, and Walgreens. You can use the link below to find a store near you that carries it.



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