• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

The BOYFRIEND outfit

Thanks to a good friend of mine I was able to rade his entire closet (with his permission) to find the perfect outfit for a relaxing Saturday.

First let me say this, clothes are clothes. Yes, men and women clothes are cut and desgned different to fit each gender but that does not mean we girls can't wander into the men section of a store and pick up a few items for our closet. It all depends on what you like to wear and how you want it to fit.

So I chose two pieces from his closet and they are both from the men's section of H&M. The the dress I'm wearing is actually extra long shirt. He would usually wear it with some jogger pants and pair it up with some boots. If he was wearing this Army jacket it would usually be in the rain becasue it's used as an rain coat but for a more girly approach I used it as a over caost. The weather is cooling down fast and I needed to make sure I was covered.

To add feminie touches to the outfit I whipped out my black and Gold Steve Madden wallet that I bought from Dillards a while ago. Since this was spur of the moment photoshoot I had to rock my Bearpaw Coffe colored short boots. and funny enough they actually went well with the outfit and the relaxing Saturday that I had.

Huge thanks to my friend for the clothes. I think I'll keep this outfit in my own closet!! lol