• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

STYLE | Red White and Blue Stripes

Summer time is here. It came a little too early here in the midwest but I guess we just had to embrace it for what it's worth.

Here's a quick style post on how to make the most of stripes this summer.

There has been a long stigma on how to wear stripes. Many people avoid them because it is said that it causes a person to look wider than they actually are. I believe it's all in the way you wear it and the color scheme.

I got this pinstripe blue skirt from Target (of course). The baby blue of with the white is the perfect combination for the summer heat. The skirt overlaps in the front and on the perimeter you can see that they stripes are thinner and shorter than the body of the skirt. This helps add some dimensions and some movement to the skirt. It keep the eye busy.

I recently went to an creative kickback event hosted by By Design Magazine here in Kansas City, where I ran into my friend Jasmine who was also rocking stripes. Her red stripped pants were unique as well. As you can see they are doubled up. The biggest thing about stripes is to switch it up. They can often get boring and repetitive. When they are in a different design it adds some fun to stripes.

Do not be afraid to have some fun with stripes. Add some different prints. I usually like my stripes to speak for themselves by wearing a solid color top with minimal design. There are so many ways to wear stripes. It's even better when you have friends who also know how to rock stripes.

If you want all the details to my outfit below make sure you follow me on Instagram. I tagged all the stores that I get my pieces from. Enjoy summer and embrace the stripes!