• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Vibin' with Neon

One of my friends Karen Spears with Kareracter | Letters with Personality | is in love with tis neon mixture of green and yellow and when I bought this sweater she was the first person I thought about.

I'm not going to lie I was a bit hestitant to purchase this sweater since it is such a bright color. As I roamed through H&M I couldn't stop thinking about it and I know i would've been sad if I had gone home and not bought it. Luckily I had a coupon in hand and it made the buy so much easier. This knit sweater was originally $25 which is not bad but I used a 40% off coupon that brought it down to $15 and that is something I can afford.

When I first started my journey in" finding" what my style was I was obsessed with big,bold and bright colors. The more neon it was the more urge I had to buy it. After a while I realized that having a closet full of statement colored pieces was working against me and so I switched to a more neutral pallette for my closet and it has been doing what I needed since I'm a broke college student and I need my clothes to be versitile. But my freshman year self creeped out when i saw this sweater just hanging there. There was something very chic and clean and almost grown up about this color and it wasn't the typical neon color that you see people wearing and of course my mind started racing with all the different outfit ideas.

Now that I have the sweater secured in my closet I sleep better at night knowing I'm one of few who is going to be able to rock the color perfectly without going over board and making it look cheesy. I paired the sweater with silver acccents which is a good contract since the sweater has a yellow undertone. I bought the necklace from H&M for only $7 and you all have seen my Micheal Kors Selma bag and my metallic pumps from DSW. Everything comes together pretty well and I'm pretty excited to go out and vibe with my neon.

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Peace and Love


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