• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Trend Report | Flared Jeans

This Spring there are a lot of trends that are coming in and a lot of trends that are leaving. One trend that is on it's way back and is hitting the streets pretty hard is the FLARED jean. Yes I know, back in the day wearing flared jeans was a big and absolute NO, but surprise they are back and better than ever.

Back in the 1970's these jeans were called Bell Bottom jeans. Described as jeans that became wider at the knee down. If you have ever had the chance to look at Bell Bottom jeans you know that the flare on those jeans was HUGE! It swallowed the person's entire lower leg but hey that was the style back in the day.

In present day we took that same style from the 1070's and we modified it to fit in a more on the go lifestyle. The wideness of the pant has narrowed and the dramatic effect from the knee down was lessened. There are two similar jeans cuts that are based off of Bell Bottoms : Boot Cut and Wide Legged. The biggest differences between the four different cuts is the wideness of the leg and how dramatic the bell shape is.

I recently bought these flared high waisted Jeans from H&M for $20. They were originally $39.99. There were two wash options. I preferred the dark wash because the are very clean and the gold buttons add a level of sophistication and this pair looks great with all of the light and pale colors of spring.

The next pair, featured below, I think is a more versitile look. This pair is from Nordstrom and is selling for $132. It definitely is on the pricer side. But aside from the price this wash is a nice middle between light and dark. The mid waist is great so you don't feel obligated to tuck your shirts in. You can easily turn these jeans into a casual outfit with some flats or slip on those heels if you're feeling fancy. This trend is not just for hippies anymore. It's something that can go with all different body types. The flare jeans is going to elongate your legs drastically, so make sure you get them at the perfect length for your height. I don't want them to swallow you alive.

The Classic White is the pair to end all Flare jeans. Who doesn't love a perfect crip pair of White pants. Express has the perfect pair going for $88. I personally love the color white because it brings a sense of freshness and peace. The sliver buttons on the sides are just another way to jazz up the pants. These are a mid rise jean that have pockets that you can't use. But who needs pockets when you're rocking a pair of Flared jeans. Dress it up with some heels or keep it casual with a baggy shirt tucked in, Flared Jeans are perfect for any occasion.