• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Trend Report | The Floral Print

For the past couple of years we have seen the FLORAL PRINT come back in season numerous times. What we have seen in the past is a very realistic floral print where the flowers are clear and distinct and you can pin point exactly where they are on a garment. After reading and keeping up with the Fashion Weeks taking place all over the world I can announced that The Floral Print is back and looking a bit different.

Spring and Summer is prime time for the print to start appearing on the streets. The weather and the flowers blooming always put you in a good mood so why not wear them. I like to think that you have two types of people. You have the very logical people who has a hard time seeing the big picture and then you have the creative people who see how all the little things make something even bigger and better. This season's floral print is a shout out to all the creative people. We are seeing a more Abstract Floral Print this season. Things are starting to blur together and and it has become the idea of floral print. You can still see the colors and the shapes of the flowers but the print has lost some of it's rigid edges.

Floral print is not going away any time soon this season. I have pants that I bought from Forever 21 that are the old style of The Floral Print. Below I paired it with a crisp white button down. A pair of Mule heels that I bought from target and a light blue structured pure that was a gift. For accessories I kept it simple with gold Midi rings because I didn't want to add more to the already busy Floral joggers.

I know that the floral print is not for everyone. But there are so many different color combinations and patterns that you can incorporate in your style. It does not have to be a busy pair of pants. It can be a floral headband, a scarf or even a watch that has a floral face. It's a great trend to add if you're looking to add some patterns into your wardrobe.