• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Please stop sleeping on Old Navy!

Since I was a child I have been wearing clothes from Old Navy. At first I had no choice but to wear because, well my mom was buying my clothes and she enjoyed the affordable prices and nice selection for her one and only daughter. As I got older and started buying my own clothes I noticed I stopped shopping at Old Navy because I thought I had grown out of it. It was a store that my mom shopped at and I couldn't be seen shopping at the same place as my mom... embarrassing!! But to my surprise Old Navy had done a 180 on their clothes and it was like walking into a magical closet and the sky was the limit.

When I started really getting into fashion and creating a style for myself Old Navy had everything I was looking for. It had prints, solid colors, shorts, tanks, rompers, jeans, sweaters and the best thing about it was that I could actually afford it. Old Navy is constantly doing sells, or they have deals, and promotions that you can't pass up.

Like take this shirt I'm wearing for example, even though I didn't actually buy it from Old Navy (it's from Plato's closet) It is a great top for the summer. First off it's a light denim color which is the color for this season but it also has an open back that clasps at the neck so it doesn't fly off your body. The sleeves and the bottom of the bottom of the shirt are pedaled which is an added bonus and it is detailed with small holes to make it more dainty. Since it is summer it's important to make sure you are getting outfits that are light and airy and this tops meets both of that criteria.

If you're anything like me, slipping into a dress but better yet a romper is the best thing ever. I mean one garment is your entire outfit, it doesn't get any better than that. Yes, you guessed it, I bought this at Old Navy. It's a mixture of olive green and brown and it creates this cool color that is both suitable for summer and fall. The greatest thing about Old Navy is that their clothes are very versatile. Rarely will you buy something in the summer and only where during that season. The color selection is great and the sizes will fit every body type. it ultimately the best store to go to.

It's summer time and I used to HATE shopping for swim suits because I'm top heavy and have a small waist compared to my boobs, so finding a swim suit that fit my boobs and waist at the same time was almost impossible. When I say Old Navy must have gotten some new designers or buyers, or whatever I'm not kidding. Last year was probably the first year that I walked into Old Navy and picked out a swim suit that was actually cute and it actually fit me. I felt comfortable and you could tell I was confident about how my body looked because they had made something that fit. It was a skimpy two piece that left my boobs looking a hot mess. It was a tribal print strapless one piece that even fit my smaller than I'd like to admit booty. This year I was so excited to go and get a new suit, and I settled on this sexy black piece. It is cute low in the back and has a halter tie to hold up the girls, and I absolutely love the pedaled detail on the sides. Old Navy had a large selection of suits they even had high-waisted bottoms!!!!!!! If I were rich I would've bought them all.

Check all the amazing things Old Navy has to offer. Click one of the below pictures to see the prices of these summer essentials you can get from Old Navy. You'll be happy you went!