• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Tribal Dress + Faux Locs

Today is the first official day of summer and now there is a reason for the outrageous temperatures. Summer time is all about being comfortable everywhere that you're going because has the time to have sweating pouring down their face. So it's imperative that you wear the right fabric that is light and airy so that you'll be able to catch any type of breeze that comes your way.

H&M is one of those stores that can cater to a lot of different styles and body types which is why many of us spend so much money there. Every season they bring out items that are on trend and the fabrics are perfect for every season. So if you're going to shop at H&M you won't have to worry too much about the fabric of the garment because they are made with the season in mind. Nothing thing H&M is great for is their sale racks. Many times the sale racks consist of fairly recent clothes that no one was really feeling because it either the price was too high or it was something that couldn't easily be paired with other things. The sale rack is also the place where they put the extra clothes because they are making room for a new shipment. This is the best time to shop at H&M because the significantly drop the prices and you're more than likely to find your size which is an added plus.

I found this dress for $15 which was down from $35 . Usually this is not something that I would wear because of the print and it's a very recognizable dress when it's worn. Something about this dress reminded me of being in the hills in Switzerland with goats and I absolutely fell in love with it.

This is a perfect dress for summer, the light blue color and the light fabric with the flared skirt at the bottom add to the airy feel. I like how the sleeves are puffy and stop at my elbow and the tassels add the the country milkmaid feel to the dress. I'm not sure what to call the print on the chest but the combination of the orange, green, and black go really well with the light blue of the entire dress.

If you follow me on Instagram you have come to realize my love for changing my hairstyle. I'm in the process of growing it out and have been exploring with various protective style from crochet braids to marley twists. This time around I decided to try faux locs. I'm a pinterest addict so I looked up pictures for months and was convinced that I couldn't do them myself but thank to YouTube I learned an easy way and two days later I finished my faux locs and was really happy with them but a couple of days later i noticed that I couldn't really manipulate the locs without them coming loose. Then all of the sudden one come out and that's when i was sort of over them. Also because I burned the ends I noticed that the ends ended up on my clothes and i didn't look clean. So maybe a week and half later I took them down and went back to my naturals. I'm glad I was able to do them myself but I think next time I might just pay for someone to do them for me.