• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Adele Inspired Maxi Dress


I absolutely love Adele and not just for her voice. I mean the girl can sing despite what people like to say about her she truly has a great voice and when she starts singing just know you'll need a box of tissues. If you listened to Adele's album you would have hear the song Send My Love to your Next Lover. Recently the music video came out to that song and it was awesome. Whoever came up with that concept was genius. It was trippy but yet still very elegant. What really stood out for me was the dress that Adele wore. It was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect floral dress for the summer. we all know spring and summer is the floral overload but there was something different about Adele's dress that made it unique. Maybe it was that fact that it was long sleeved and that it was a high neck. I don't think many of us are used to being covered up during the summer but Adele just made the long sleeve maxi dress the must have of the summer.

So with my minor compulsiveness I went out on a hunt looking for a long sleeve maxi dress and after weeks of trying to find the perfect one I found it at Forever 21. The thing is I stumbled upon it. I was looking for something to go out in and I saw this.

I absolutely love this dress. I have a thing about maxi dresses, I hate to see my feet when I wear them. Since I'm on the tall side it can be hard to find dresses that reach all the way to the ground but this one definitely does. I know in the pictures you can see my feet but when my arm isn't raised it cascades over my feet and it is wonderful. You would think you'd get hot in the dress but it's very airy and light. It's nice that it doesn't have a lining because that would only create more heat and with long sleeves that's the last thing you want.

I chose to accessorize with gold because it's a warm toned dress and gold works perfectly. I manicured my nails with Sally Hansen Instant Dry polish in a Kelly green Shade to add to the color scheme of the dress. Usually I don't wear bracelets on both arms but it looked great and it was overbearing with the dress.

Shop for the dress at Forever 21, here's the link. You'll be happy you got it, plus it's only $25!!