• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Sunnies + Glasses

Have you ever heard the saying " You always want what you don't have." I'm pretty sure we all have heard that quote quite a few times. If you have straight hair you long for curly hair or if you have brown eyes you're wanting gray eyes. Whatever it is for some reason we always want what we don't have. For me I have always wanted to wear glasses for some strange reason. I have 20/20 vision but I always thought wearing glasses would be the coolest thing and so now I have an obsession with buying clear non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. I really like buying mine from Charlotte Russe because it gives me the opportunity to try different frames for $5. If I like them enough I then go on a hunt to find a more reliable pair. Also, I figured out that I weirdly have a great head and face for sun glasses. I've listed some of my favorite frames right now.

1 | Mirrored Glasses Who doesn't love hiding behind mirrored glasses they are absolutely perfect for people watching. You can get a cute pair from Misguided.

2| Tortoise Frames Misguided is a one stop store for all your glasses needs. You can order a pair for $16.15

3| Thick Frames. Statement Frames are a great addition to any outfit or any bright summer day. Grab your thick frames for only $20

4| Brow Line Glasses. Topshop has some fun and funky ones that are perfect for the summer.

5| Round Lenses These are the perfect combination of round and reflective. Get some for only $25