• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

How to Match Bae

Fun Fact about me, I LOVE MATCHING PEOPLE. There's two people in particular that I really enjoy matching and that's my best friend and my boyfriend. Both of them think I'm crazy when I say I want to match but it just brings me so much joy.

I'm pretty sure many of us have seen the pictures of Drake and Rihanna strolling together andmatching their outfits perfectly and effortlessly. I mean where did they get the same shade of purple?!?!?!They are goals for me. If my boyfriend were up for matching outfits we would go everywhere in the same color.

Matching bae is easier said than done. We all can't be like Rihanna and Drake and go to the store and pick out the same color of purple and many of us don't have the funds to be shopping for yourself and bae. But there are ways that you can still go out together and your outfits compliment each other.

We both really like bomber jackets and neutral colors during the fall. For this photoshoot we took a while back we decided that instead of wearing the exact same color we would wear the girl and guy version of the same trend in similar color tones. I like this way of matching a lot because it looks like you guys go together without screaming to the world that you're dating.

Again, I was not about to make bae buy go out and buy a salt and peppered sweater just so that we could match. He did however incorporate my dark color tones throughout his outfit. I like to think that guys should let there girl shine and by picking out the undertones in her outfit .

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

I found this lovely couple picture and almost died. Not only are they wearing the same trend with overcoats but their color scheme is literally hitting the target. She's wearing a light camel pointed toe heel which is the exact color of his over coat. His black pants align with her overcoat and to add some diversity to each of their outfits she wore ripped jeans and he wore burgundy boots. How much better can matching get!!!!!

If you do want to match color wise I highly suggest that you match with a neutral color like white, black, brown, army green or gray. Unless you're like Rihanna and Drake who clearly shop at the same place.