• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

From College to the real World

Man oh man! I can't believe it's already September. Where did the month of August go!! To be honest I'm so glad that September is here because that means the temperature is going to start cooling down which means fall is right around the corner!! ( Can you say sweater weather!!) On the other side of that September also means it's going to get a little hectic at my job. If you don't know by now, I took a position after graduation as a College Adviser in a Kansas City Missouri High School and I get to work with all the seniors and juniors and help them get ready for college. I'm really enjoying the work that I'm doing I'm impacting the lives of the next generation of leaders and it gives me so much joy that they trust and respect me to help them through one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

It has been quite a transition to move from Columbia with all of my friends to Kansas City where I don't really know anyone too well. I'm trying to find my place and where to go and what to do in a new city. The first couple of weeks were really rough for me. I just left alone and uncomfortable. I moved into my first apartment and I was living out of boxes. I barely had food in my fridge and was trying to adjust to a new job. I missed my friends and my family who couldn't come up and visit right away. After a while I had to tell myself that if I had gone back home I would be complacent and I don't think I would not be able to grow as much I would in Kansas City.

I can feel that I'm at a point in my life where I'm about to flourish and great things are about to happen. I happy with the experience I'm getting from my job and I'm excited to see where I'm going to be in the next 2 years. For anyone who is hesitant about moving to a new city I would highly encourage you to take that leap of faith. It is scary but It's something that I believe helps in your personal growth as a young adult.

The Outfit:

I have been wanting to wear Kelly green for awhile but haven't found the right piece until I came across this shirt from The Limited. It is 100% Polyester and looks and feels like silk but easier to take care of. I have been loving the camel color which is a great transition color from summer to fall. The camel bag was purchased from Just Fab which has great items besides shoes. The sandals are from Zara from their summer collection.