• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Prints + Chokers

This summer has been all about chokers from thick velvet ones, to sleek gold ones that have been the perfect piece of jewelry to accent all outfits. I may have gone over board when buying them this summer. My collection stated back in the 90's when I wore then constantly as an elementary kid and since they have come back I've added more chic and fashionable ones to compliment my style as a 22 year old. Out of all the trends that have come and gone I really hope chokers stay for a while. Let's be real chokers can be a little uncomfortable but I will gladly wear them in the name of FASHION!

If you saw my post about The Vaughans + The Old Rock House you saw that I wore this to that event. This a perfect outfit to transition from summer to fall. Let's go from head to toe.

As you can see I've switched up my hair once again. I'd would tell you the details but that's a secret I cannot expose at this moment in time. But what I can tell you is that the hair is kinky straight and it's the first time that I've ever bought weave for myself. ( real life adulting). Next is accessories. I'm wearing some gold studs and of course a gold choker. The earrings came in a 4 pack set from H&M for like $5-$7. It had gold, sliver, rose gold and matte black. It's the perfect assortment for any outfit you wear. The choker was purchased from Forever 21. They have a great variety of chokers. This one in particular comes in gold and silver. Like I said earlier chokers are a bit uncomfortable and this one has to be the most uncomfortable one I've bought. I have a pretty slender neck and I found myself tugging on it to create some space.

My shirt is from gap and it probably my favorite black shirt right now. It's super soft. and fits in all the right places. This mini skirt is from H&M from their Coachella collection. It was one of those pieces that I saw 3 times in the store before I bought it and I absolutely love how it fits my body. Last but not least my handy dandy black ankle boots. I've had these bad boys since high school and I bought them from Old Navy. They are really comfy and really go with the majority of my outfits that call for black booties. Why replace it if it's not broken. It's going to be a while before a find and actually purchase another pair of black booties.