• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

The Vaughans + The Old Rock House

| 3 out 4 of The Vaughans |

Have you ever met someone in life that just has a god given talent? and when they decide to pursue activities that showcase their talent it just brings you so much joy... well that's my best friend. She was blessed to have the voice of an angel. (I wish I was exaggerating.) I haven't seen my best friend perform since high school and that's because I was away from school or I had other things going on. This labor weekend I was so happy that I was able to make her show because her group the Vaughans literally brought down the house with their teacher and mentor Brian Owens. They performed at the Old Rock House in st. Louis, MO and they sang a great set of soul songs. I mean I knew that she could sing but bring together an additional 3 other amazing women and they will make you speechless just staring at them in aww. I was so impressed and being the hype best friend that I am I was cheering like crazy! I want to believe that everyone at the venue was speechless because I can say that no one was ready! I wish I had a video to show y'all the talent that these four women have when they sing together. They are truly incredible. Watch out for them because they are going to make it big someday.

| Black Girl Magic |