• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Old Hyde Park + White Vans

I'm going to start doing something a little bit different. My friend suggested that with each of my photo shoots that I give it a backstory. Something that makes the reader connect to the outfit I'm wearing and the atmosphere. So here is my first post Story Fit post.

Old Hyde Park has to be one of the most diverse areas. There is literally a street that divides the the area. One side is said to be dangerous and risky while the other side is calm and peaceful. The houses are large and have historic value. The people in these neighborhoods are friendly enough and say hi when you pass them. On the Saturday i decided to do this photo shoot i went on the "good" side of Old Hyde Park. I found these picturesque columns and set up for what would turn out to be some of my favorite pictures.

That morning I woke up excited to get my day started. I had just bought a new white button down that was exactly what I was looking for. It fit over my boobs with my worry holes, it was a little over sized which was the look I was going for. I had found it at Forever 21 and couldn't pass it up. So my friend came over and we hopped in my car and headed towards the photo shoot destination.

You see I reside at the corner of the good and the bad of Old Hyde Park. There are not a lot of black families or matter of fact black people in the good part of this area. So as I pulled up to the location in my BMW and hopped out with my friend who was also black I immediately noticed that there was a man standing in his living room just watching us. You know we laughed about it because how weird is it to just stand at your window staring at people minding their own business. But I dismissed him and carried on with my photo shoot. I love picture day because I can finally showcase some of the new things I've bought and put them together to inspire other people. Like the shirt I had just got these All White High Top Vans the day before and i basically refused to take them off my feet till had got pictures with them. (Between you and me I saw some of my high school students wearing them and was inspired to buy them. Yes, I get my fashion cues from my students.)

So you know we're taking pictures, trying to brave the cold, getting the right angles and what not and I look up and notice that that man is still there in his big window just watching us. I can't help but start thinking if i did something wrong. Was I not supposed to park my car in front of his house, because I didn't see any signs that said I couldn't park there. So I point it out to my friend that this man is watching us and then i notice that he wife is also sitting in the living observing us. Things like this usually don't bother me but for some reason it bothered me that day. It wasn't like i was wearing anything that made me look suspicious because my outfit was BOMB! I mean for the time we were out there we were the only ones so there was nothing else he was looking at.

At the end of the day, I don't know what that man was looking at or why he thought it wasn't creepy that he stood there entire time. i just like to think that maybe he enjoys people watching on a Saturday afternoon with his wife. But sir, we definitely need to work on how to be discreet while people watching. The objective is to watch people without being seen. lol

I loved putting this outfit together because I felt like it was the perfect combination of classic and sporty. Not every outfit calls for heels. Some times you just need a clean and simple pair of trainers to bring everything together. When I first got these Vans I literally wore them for 3 days straight. I wore them to a super bowl party, to work and to go shopping. I bought mine for $60 at Zumiez. I would highly suggest switching up your tennis shoe game and get some of these in the slim fit.

Check out the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot and details from head to toe.

White Button down | Forever 21

Jeans |H&M

White Vans | Zumiez

Camel Coat | Goodwill