• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

ENHANCE at KC Fashion Week

As you all know I'm new to the Kansas City area and after being here for 8 months I finally decided it was time to make my debut into the city. I did that by attending the Kansas City Fashion week that took place from March 26 to April 1st. This was my first show ever and I can honestly say hands down that it was the best experience that I have ever had. I got the opportunity to be a blogger for the event and was able to attend the pre-events plus 2 of the fashion shows. It was great to see and meet a bunch of people who were interested in fashion and to be gathered in one place to appreciate what all the designers brought to the runway. I'm not going to lie I was blown away with the fashion the onlookers had. I thought I was a fish out of water moving here but I was in awe seeing everyone's fashion sense.

My week kicked off with the Media Meet and greet that was hosted at Fortuity, which is famous for their Kansas City Mural on the outside of their store. I had seen the wall a couple of times but hadn't gotten the chance to get a picture with it. At the event I was able to meet a lot of the media personnel. I was introduced to the CEO and the president of the fashion week and some of the models. The event was a great start to kick off the week and it helped meeting new bloggers there because it was nice to see familiar faces at the shows.

Tuesday was Bowties and Bubbly event hosted at R24 studios. I was highly impressed with everyone's attire. It was an upscale event and I was surrounded by great champagne and delicious bites. Dior was in the building helping us stay flawless the entire night. It was great to have models, bloggers, avid fashion enthusiasts, and designers all in one place to really get a feel about how the week was going to be. Overall it was a very well put together event and I loved having the opportunity to mingle with new people and just show my face and meet everyone.

Day Three of fashion week. It was the first night of runway shows and I'm not going to lie this was my debut to Kansas City. I had gone out of my way to get my dressed hand made and in Ankara print to showcase my culture. I think there are so many times where diversity is not showcased or represented that I made it a point to make sure that it had a seat at the table. I wore an floor length off shoulder dress with some Steve Madden nudist heels. Walking into the Grand Hall was absolutely magical. The high ceilings were mesmerizing and the details in the building were absolutely flawless. This was the first year that KCFW was having their production in the building and I can say that it definitely made the show 10x better being in there. It was a European style runway where the models walked at eye level through the audience. That was awesome because I was able to see a lot of the details in the clothing and I'm all about the details. The designers and designs truly were stunning and breathtaking. There were a lot of pieces that so different and out there and I loved it because for me fashion is about making it your own and showcasing it without hesitation.

I definitely know that I will be attending Kansas City Fashion week next season. I was truly inspired by everything that I say. The events were amazing, the designs were stunning and the people putting this all together were so nice and welcoming. If you live in the Kansas City area and are interested in fashion I highly suggest that you participate in Kansas City Fashion week. You will not be disappointed at all.