• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

These are shoes for the Summer!

Summer is basically in full effect. I mean yes the official day is June 21st but this heat has me thinking differently. I know the saying usually goes "Sun's out Buns Out." but we need to revise that to "Beat the heat with some feet... that was so gross and I'm so sorry.

What I'm trying to say is, below I have the 4 pair of shoes you definitely want to be wearing this summer. Here we go!

1 | Slides

Let's give it up for Rihanna for making us all fall in love again with Slides. I know many of us cannot afford her $90 fur and bow slides but it has inspired other designers and companies to take some creative lead and put their own spin on this classic shoe. This summer you are going to find all types of different slides. Some will have fur, bows or even be covered in a silk material. I bought these super comfy slides from Marshalls for $20. They are super convenient for everyday use. I literally wear them everywhere... EVERYWHERE!

2| Colorful Sneaks

Sneakers have been on the scene for a minute. For a period of time people were rocking the nude sneakers but for the summer you'll have to get out of that mundane rut and get you a pair of multicolor sneakers. These particular sneakers a collaboration with Stella McCarthy x Adidas that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Unfortunately they are out of stock. On the bright side Adidas has a great selection of colorful sneakers that you can pick from this summer.

3| Platform Sandals

This is definitely the shoe of the summer. Platform oxfords took us by storm last year and it was the perfect combination of style and eccentricity. The sandals is up that alley but with more functionality. The platforms can be anywhere from 3-5 inches or more but I suggest that you don't go higher than that, unless you like tripping over yourself. Platform sandals are can be dressed up or down. I highly suggest that you grab a pair!

4| The Slip On

Summer is all about relaxing and being laid back. Slips Ons are exactly that. They are the easiest shoe to put because you just slip them on!! There is a wide range of styles and designs when it comes tot he slip on. You can go for a classic matte black or be a little bold and go for cheetah print. Either way they will be super easy to put on and go out enjoy all the summer activities.

All four of these shoes are definitely shoes for the summer and you will love wearing every single pair, I can promise you that! Tag ENHANCE when you rock a pair of these.