• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

Get these pieces to get ready for fall!!!

August marks the end of summer. Students are heading back to school and things just seem to On the down hill to winter. Uggg. But, on the bright side August also means we are a month away from the official start of fall. Let's be honest who doesn't love cooler temperatures and more importantly fall clothes. I'm talking sweaters, scarfs, dark lipstick, and my favorite JEANS!! If I could I would have a whole closet full of jeans, but I digress.

Charlotte Russe has been so gracious to have sent me on another mission in search of all things denim. Especially with fall right around the corner it's time to stock up on all the different styles of jeans.

Ripped Ankle Hem

By far these have to be my new favorite style. It adds a nice edginess to you're jeans without being too extra. They literally look like that took out the sticking of the hem of your jeans and slightly pulled on them and that was it. The ones I'm wearing below are from Charlotte Russe and they are the skin tight jeggings. Honestly, when I bought I didn't even realize they were jeggings. They have the perfect amount of stretch and they keep their hold which is all I've ever wanted in jeans. To better convince to her these jeans both my mom and bae loved how they looked on me and that's saying a lot!!

Thick Cuffed Jeans

I am a lover of Pinterest. I get a lot of style inspiration from their and I was definitely inspired to try the thick hemmed jeans. So I went on the hunt to find them and unfortunately I couldn't find a pair that I matched the pair I had in mind. I went on over to my local good will found a pair that was long enough and had the type of wash I wanted and cuffed those bad boys up until they were exactly the way I wanted them to be. I would highly suggest that if you are going to create the cuff yourself that you get some starch and iron them down because they will fall if you don't.

Wide Leg Jeans

I love me some wide leg jeans. I had an awesome pair in the past that were perfect for work but for some strange reason the zipper always unzipped itself and I can't be out here with my fly down all the time. The pair I have now are super comfy and very boho chic, I like to say. They are a great wash and they have the ripped hem which makes them look very laid back. These jeans are great for the weekend or just running errands.

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