• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

ENHANCE Spring Giveaway

HEY ENHANCERS!! It has been awhile since I've been blogged and kept you up to date with what's happening over here with Enhance. There has been so much going on and the blog posts are going to be coming like no other/ So keep checking back to keep up with the Latest and Greatest from Enhance.

Well we are back at it again with a SPRING giveaway to come back from my 3 month hiatus. I got some great stuff that is sure to help you get ready for spring, which is my favorite season by far!

If you follow me on Instagram you already know how to enter the giveaway. What you'll have to do it be followin Enhance The Indivdual's instagram page, like the picture featured below. Then, tag one of your friends that would love the page with the hashtag #enhancegiveaway it's that easy!!

The winner will be choosen randomly and will be announced on March 21st just in time for the first day of SPRING!!

All the items that are included in the giveaway are a Kate Spade Lime Green Notebook, Kate Spade Floral Tumbler, a Small make up pouch from H&M and two of my favoirte spring Lipstick colorsfrom Wet n' Wild. Oh and I can't forget the two metallic tassles that will add some great personality to your keys!!

Make sure that you enter by Friday March 18th. Any enteries after that will not be considered for selection. Thanks for sticking around with ENHANCE. I know you'll enjoy what we have for you all.