• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

The Perks of working with other creatives

In this day and age we are all trying to make it on our own. Which is great. Trying to get that money and make a name for ourselves. But sometimes we need help to get to the next level and our brain power and creativeness can only take us so much. Have you ever wondered about the huge youtubers and bloggers and how they grew their following? I know I have! Many of them have a team of people and I'm not saying it's a huge team but they have people that are their go to. They have people who help with taking pictures, or editing videos and even just getting projects off the ground. And I don't think their is anything wrong with that. we are one person and we can't do everything.

I am genuinely a collaborative person. I work well in groups and I enjoy encouraging other people to reach their dreams and if their is anything you need me for I am more than happy to help. Below I'm giving you some perks on working with other creatives.

1| Different Skills

This is huge! Creatives all have different skill sets and passions. Some of us are great with photography, while some of us have a knack with words. There are people who have perfected their videography skills. I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of creatives and it has opened my eyes to the various passions people have.

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2| Crazy Folks

Have you ever just sat down and talked to other creatives??? I mean it is something magical. You don't feel like your ideas are out of this world. Creatives are the people who think just as big as you or bigger. Anything that you could ever think about they have also thought about to some extent. For me I always feel at peace when I'm surrounded by other creatives. It's a side of me I'm able to express and even if nothing solidifies from our conversation and it was to just get them out. Manifestation is real!

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3| New Opportunities

People might think of this as a down fall or that people are being opportunistic, but I think that mentality is if you truly think people are asking questions out of malice. (Unfortunately there are people that are opportunistic.) I have had conversations with people and I'm just spewing ideas and thoughts out and out of nowhere they offer to connect with someone they know and poof and idea becomes reality! Or you start doing something that you only dreamed of doing. Connecting with people is all about connecting and growing your network. Like I mentioned before we are all trying to make out here and I believe that we can all make it together!