• Etinosa J Ogbevoen

COCTIQUE | Box Review

All Photos from COCOTIQUE.com

I had the pleasure this month of receiving the October Box from Cocotique. Before I jump into my review about the box I'll let you know what Cocotique is all about.

Coctique is a monthly subscription box that is designed for the wonderful and diverse African American woman. Each month they send you 5 to 8 products that range from skin care to hair care products all with the African American woman in mind. They work with a plethora of brands such as Creme of Nature, Cover Fx, Milani and much more. There are 3 different options for ordering the box. you can pay month to month for $20 or you can either choose a 6-month subscription or a year long subscription which save you some money.

You might be thinking that $20 is a high price but compare it to other subscription boxes that are cheaper the main difference you'll find is that Cocotique actually gives you products that you can try and see how it affects you. The sample sizes that they send you are larger than most and some of the products come in the full size bottle which is an added bonus. I believe the $20 a month is worth it.

Let's get right into the products that were sent in the October. I have been using them in my daily routine to see how all of them worked. There were some brands that I have never heard of so it was nice to be exposed to some new brands.

Catherine Malandrino

When I first picked this up I had never heard of Catherine Malandrino and was a little skeptical of what it was going to smell like. So I sprayed on my wrists and to my surprise I really liked the smell. I usually wear very airy and flowery smells because I don't like anything too strong also it was summer time and light and airy is always the way to go. This definitely has a stronger smell but it's not overwhelming it's something I would wear in the fall and winter. It smell very sophisticated if sophistication can have a smell. When I wore it out people complemented me on my perfume. For me that was a surprise because again I don't really anything that strong that anyone else would smell it on me unless they were really close. I liked the fact that could smell me from a distance. Right now I currently put this deluxe sample in my work bag since I tend to have long days and meet with a lot of people . I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for something for the fall and winter. The full size retail price is $28.

Nubian Heritage

I actually got 2 products from the Nubian Heritage brand. I received the Body wash that is pictured above and a hand lotion. I'll start with the hand lotion. I have been using it everyday. I put in my desk at work and use it everyday I get into work. The lotion is formulated with Black Seed Oil, honey, apricot oil and a bunch of other oils which makes it very moisturizing. I feel sometimes other hand lotions don't last very long and eventually dries out my hand through out the day. The Body wash was very natural. It was great. the only thing I noticed was it didn't suds up as much as other non-natural soaps but it's supposed to be do that.

Herbal Transdermal Facial Toner

I didn't get to try everything but probably my favorite products had to be the facial toner from Herbal Transdermal. I've never been a big fan of tea tree oil and that only because of the strong smell. It can be very overwhelming at times. I think I really enjoyed this toner because it was using natural products to get rid of dark spots and even out my skin tone. I have been able to wear less foundation due to this toner because I don't have as many dark spots to cover up. I would definitely buy this product over and over again. For $15 for a full size bottle I think I can afford that.

I just want to thank Cocotique for sending me the October subscription box. I really enjoyed using the products. Be sure to check out the rest of the products that came in the box on the website.If you're trying to find a subscription box I would highly recommend COCOtique. Check out what they are all about on their website. coctique.com